Catalog attribute files

Last update: 2023-11-03
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Catalog attribute files can have any name, but must have an .ini file suffix. They can be readily maintained using any text editor.

Catalog attribute files consist of a set of text records, separated by a single <CR> (ASCII code 0xD), a single <LF> (ASCII code 0xA), or a <CR><LF> pair. Each record consists of an attribute name and one or more comma-separated attribute values:

*name*= *value*&#42;[, *value*]{<CR>|<LF>|<CR><LF>}


Attribute name; may consist of one or more letters, number, '-', and '_'; not case-sensitive.


Attribute value; must not include <CR> , or <LF> characters, unless escaped by a single backslash just before the newline character.

  • White space between tokens is optional.
  • Records with unknown attribute names are ignored by the Platform Server.
  • Attribute names can consist of any combination of ASCII letters, numbers, and “-”, “_”, and “.”
  • If the same attribute name occurs more than once in the same attribute file, the last one encountered prevails.
  • Use ‘#’ as the first character to mark any record as a comment which the parser ignores.

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