Embedded Image Server requests

An Image Server (IS) request can be used as a material image.

Specify the request in the src= command as follows:

…&src=is( *imageServingRequest*)&…

The is token is case-sensitive.

The nested request must not include the Image Serving root path (typically http:// server/is/image/"), but may include pre-processing rule tokens.

The following IS commands are ignored when specified in nested requests (either in the request URL or in catalog::Modifier or catalog::PostModifier):

  • bgc=
  • fmt=
  • icc=
  • iccEmbed=
  • printRes=
  • qlt=
  • quantize=
  • req=

Also ignored are attribute::MaxPix and attribute::DefaultPix of the image catalog that applies to the embedded IS request.

If the result image of the nested request includes mask (alpha) data, it is always passed to the material. Use a solid color background image layer to avoid unwanted alpha.

The image result of an embedded IS request can be cached optionally by including cache=on. By default, caching of intermediate data is disabled. Caching should be enabled only when the intermediate image is reused in a different request within a reasonable time period. Standard server-side cache management applies. Data is cached in a lossless format.

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