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Tile grout color and thickness. Simulates grout for ceramic and natural stone tiles.

grout= color[, width]


Grout color (gray or RGB).


Grout thickness; scene coordinate units (typically inches) (real).

For maximum control of the grout appearance, the following requirements apply:

  • The tile must be square or rectangular; no other shapes are currently supported.
  • The image must contain a single tile only.
  • The default grout in the image (if any) must have the same thickness on all four edges.
  • The thickness of the default grout must be specified in the material catalog ( catalog::GroutWidth).


Material attribute. *color* Must be an RGB color value. *width* must be a real value 0 or larger.

Ignored if repeat = 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 14, or higher, or when specified for materials other than repeatable textures.


If grout= is not specified, the grout in the image is not modified. If grout= *color* is specified, *width* defaults to catalog::GroutWidth.

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