A job that runs on a server. Also, it is an instance of a scheduled job.

Jobs exist in 3 states:

  • Scheduled to run.
  • Currently running.
  • Completed running (and have already written information to a job log).

Specify a job type value to return the job type. You can return the following jobs:

  • imageServingPublishJob
  • imageRenderingPublishJob
  • videoPublishJob
  • serverDirectoryPublish
  • JobUploadDirectoryJob
  • uploadUrlsJob


Name Type Description
companyHandle xsd:string Handle to the company.
jobHandle xsd:string Handle to the job.
name xsd:string Unique name for the job.
originalName xsd:string Original name of the ActiveJob type submitted with the job.
type xsd:string Choice of job types returned by the system.
state xsd:string Choice of active job states returned by the system.
submitUserEmail xsd:string email address of the user who scheduled the job.
locale xsd:string The locale for job log details and email localization.

Specify locales as <language_code>[-<country_code>], where the language code is a lower-case, two-letter code as specified by ISO-639, and the optional country code is an upper-case, two-letter code as specified by ISO-3166. For example, the locale string for English (United States) would be: en-US.

description xsd:string Job description originally specified in submitJob.
serverName xsd:string Name of the server running the job.
startDate xsd:dateTime Date, time, and time zone for the active job.
totalSize xsd:string Total size of the active job.
progress xsd:int Job progress (i.e., how close the job is to completion).
progressMessage xsd:int A text message that describes job progress.
lastProgressUpdate xsd:dateTime Date, time, and time zone of the last progress update.
taskProgressArray types:TaskProgressArray Asynchronous task progress information.
imageServingPublishJob types:ImageServingPublishJob Job details for an image serving publish job.
imageServingRenderJob types:ImageServingRenderJob Job details for an image rending publish job.
videoPublishJob types:VideoPublishJob Job details for a video publish job.
serverDirectoryPublishJob types:ImageServingPublishJob Job details for a server directory publish job.
uploadUrlsJob types:UploadUrlsJob Job details for an upload URLs job.
ripPdfsJob types:RipPdfsJob
optimizeImagesJob types:OptimizeImagesJob
reprocessAssetsJob types:ReprocessAssetsJob
uploadPostJob types:UploadPostJob Job detail tracking desktop upload.
exportJob types:ExportJob Allow authorized export of previously uploaded files. See Export Job.

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