Enabling Adobe Analytics Video Reports

Using Adobe Analytics heartbeat-based video reporting, you no longer need to enable the four video viewer events (Play, Pause, Stop, Milestone) when you configure Adobe Analytics in Dynamic Media Classic. Video Heartbeat works with out-of-the-box Dynamic Media Classic HTML5 Video and MixedMedia viewers. The video player generates tracking data for viewing within Adobe Analytics Video Reports.

  • The integration of Adobe Analytics video reports with Dynamic Media Classic supports solution variables, but not custom variables.

    See Configure Analytics Video Reporting for more information about solution variables and custom variables.

  • Out-of-the-box segments of one minute increments is supported. However, custom segment reporting, such as customer-defined milestones based on time increments, % milestone, or offset milestones, is not supported.

For more information about Video Heartbeat requirements and setup, see Measuring Video in Adobe Analytics using Video Heartbeat.


If your licensed solution of Adobe Analytics does not include Video Heartbeat, you will need to continue using the steps described in this chapter to assign Adobe Analytics variables to Dynamic Media Classic viewer events and variables.

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