Configure notifications for events and alerts

Last update: 2023-08-04
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Learn about shared events and alert settings that you can configure in Acrobat Sign. Alerts are actions that did not take place in a certain time frame, and Events are actions that have taken place.


In this tutorial, learn how to configure notifications for events and alerts. To view events and alerts, select the bell icon from the home screen. Here, you can view the recent notifications. Events are any actions that happen to a transaction. Like when a document has been sent for signature, viewed or signed. Alerts, on the other hand, are actions that haven’t happened yet within a specific timeframe. Like if a document has not been signed after 24 hours. To edit your personal notification settings select the wrench icon. This takes you to your personal preferences with my notifications selected. Here, you can set notification options for events and alerts where you are exclusively the sender. In addition to receiving an in product notifications you can also choose to receive an email for certain events and alerts. So if some event is really important to you like when an agreement is signed then you can check that box and you’ll get an email every time an agreement is signed. However, if you send out a lot of documents for signature this option can get spammy. So keep your email volume in mind when setting this preference.

You can also create a report to send you a summary of the events you have checked and that report can be sent once a week, every work day or every day of the week by checking this box. Be sure to save your new settings. And then just below my notifications are shared notifications. These are notifications for agreements from shared accounts. This allows you to monitor the status of agreements for all transactions and accounts that are shared with you. I’ll turn on email notifications for agreements that are delegated from shared accounts. So as you can see all your notifications for both personal and shared events and alerts are customizable in your Acrobat sign preferences. -

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