Redact & Sanitize

Learn to use the Redact tool to permanently remove private or sensitive information from your PDF. Use the Sanitize tool to remove information that is not visible in the file, such as comments, metadata, or hidden layers.


Available in Acrobat Pro DC only.

Redact text & images

  1. In Acrobat Pro DC, select Redact from the Tools center or pane.

    Redact Step 1

  2. Open Properties to customize the appearance of your redactions including color of redaction boxes or text overlay.

    Redact Step 2

  3. To redact information, mark the items for removal, then apply the redactions.

    You can redact entire pages or selected content.

  4. To redact an entire page or pages, select Redact Pages, select the page or page range which you’d like to redact, then click Ok.

    Redact Step 4

  5. To find specific content to redact, select Redact Text & Images, Find Text & Redact.

    Use the cursor to select the content to redact and see a preview of the redaction by hovering over the selected content.

    Redact Step 5a

    Use the search box to search for a specific word or phrase, or select Pattern to find certain types of information. Select the boxes next to items and click Search & Remove Text.

    Redact Step 5b

  6. Click Apply in the Redact top menu bar to apply the marked redactions and save the redacted file.

    Redact Step 6

Sanitize document

  1. With the Redact toolbar open, click Sanitize Document in the top menu bar.

  2. Click OK to confirm the removal of all hidden information from the document.

    Alternatively, click to selectively remove hidden information, choose which information you want hidden, and click Remove.

    Sanitize Step 2


To speed up the redaction process, check out the Action Wizard.

Click to download a PDF of the Redact & Sanitize tutorial.

Download Redact & Sanitize tutorial.

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