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Last update: 2023-08-04
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In this hands-on tutorial, learn how to transform your PDF by adding graphic enhancements and automatic numbering.


What you need

Get files
Samples files to practice with (ZIP, 342 KB)


Learn to add background graphics

Use the Edit PDF tool to add background graphics to your PDF.


What you learned: To add background graphics to your PDF

Adding backgrounds allow you to add visual elements to your PDF without going back to the original source file or application.

  1. Open Altura Technology Employee Handbook.pdf from the sample files.
  2. Select Edit PDF in the right-hand pane.
  3. Select More > Background > Add.
  4. Select Page Range Options….
    Enter 2 to 26 in the Pages from section, then select OK.
  5. Under the Source section, choose File and select Browse to add the Background Graphic.pdf sample file.
  6. Select OK to add the background graphic.

Use the Edit tool to add a new footer to your PDF.


Adding new headers or footers allow you to build uniform PDF files for an improved viewing experience.

  1. Select Header & Footer > Add > Add New.
  2. Enter 2 in the Preview Page box.
  3. In the Font section, select Calibri Bold in the Name dropdown.
    Select 12 in the Size dropdown, and choose a white color.
  4. Type Altura Technology Confidential in the Left Footer Text box.
  5. Select Insert Page Number in the Center Footer Text box.
  6. Type Revision 3.0 in the Right Footer Text box.
  7. Select Page Number and Date Format.
    Enter 2 under Start Page Number and select OK.
  8. Select Page Range Options….
    Enter 2 to 26 under the Pages from: section, then select OK.
  9. Enter 0.7 in the Bottom box of the Margin section.
  10. Select Save Settings.
    Type Revision 3.0 in the box and select OK.
  11. Select OK to apply the new footer to the PDF.

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