Search multiple PDF files at once

Last update: 2023-08-04
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In this 60-second video tutorial, learn how to start a search in a PDF file, then open Advanced Search and search an entire folder of PDF files.


Did you know that you could search multiple PDF files at once with Acrobat? So to demonstrate this, I’m going to come up here with this file open and come up to the find menu. And in here I want to search this article that I’ve written for anytime I’ve mentioned Photoshop so I’ll type in Photoshop and press return. I can click next a couple of times and all of these search results are within this same PDF file. So now what I’m going to do is come up here and click on the gear icon inside of the search and come down and choose open full Acrobat search. You can also go to the edit menu and come down and choose advanced search. These are both going to give you the same window. And now inside of here I can change the range from the current document to all documents in and I’ll choose a specific folder. I’ll choose my article folder on my desktop. We’ll keep the same Photoshop criteria and then click search. And now this is a list of every time Photoshop appears inside of any of those PDF files throughout that entire directory. And that was 60 second Acrobat. -

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