Export PDF to Word from your phone

Last update: 2023-08-04
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In this 60-second video tutorial, learn how to convert a PDF file to a fully editable Microsoft Word document with the Acrobat mobile app.


Did you know that you could export PDF files to Microsoft Word on your phone? My creative director sent me an email with a PDF attachment of a newsletter article and my editor wants this in Microsoft Word format. So from my email, I’m going to tap on this and send this over to Acrobat. So I’m going to choose import to Acrobat. And then once inside of Acrobat I’m going to come up here to the top right and I’m going to tap on the ellipsis icon. In this menu here, I’m going to come down and choose export PDF. Then I’ll choose the Microsoft Word format and then click export. And so what’s going to happen is Acrobat’s going to send this PDF file up to Document Cloud and Document Cloud is going to evaluate the PDF file and convert this into a fully editable Microsoft Word document. And then once it’s ready, I’ll get this notification. I can come down here and tap open. I can preview the Word document right here inside of Acrobat, tap on share and send my editor a brand new Word document. And that was 60 second Acrobat. -

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