60-second Acrobat overview

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60-Second Acrobat gives you bite-sized tutorials to help you learn a new trick in Acrobat DC in one minute or less. These task-based tips help you pick up new skills for working with PDF files by unlocking some of Acrobat’s hidden gems. You can watch one to get a quick answer, or watch five to boost your document productivity – and still have time to enjoy your coffee break.

60-second Acrobat tutorials

Combine files into one PDF Quickly create a new document by combining several different types of files into a single PDF
Edit PDF with Acrobat Web Make simple edits to text and images without even downloading the PDF
Search multiple PDF files at once Start a search in a PDF file, then open Advanced Search and search an entire folder of PDF files
Create a PDF of photos in an instant Learn how just drag-and-drop a bunch of JPGs onto the Acrobat icon to create a PDF
Convert a PPT file to PDF on your phone Learn how to convert an email PowerPoint attachment to PDF on your phone
Load PDF comments into InDesign Learn how to load PDF comments back into InDesign after an Acrobat shared review

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