Creating a Connection Between Insight and Repeater

Last update: 2022-10-04
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If network firewalls do not prevent access to the repeater server from Insight machines, you can create a connection between the repeater server and Insight so that you can manage the repeater server using Insight.

To create a connection between Insight and the repeater server

  1. In Insight, on the Admin tab, click the Configure Connections to Servers thumbnail to open the Configure Connections to Servers workspace.
  2. In the Insight.cfg window, right-click Servers and click Add new > Server.
  3. For the new server, complete the following parameters:
For this parameter... Specify...
Name (Optional) The name that you want this Insight to use to represent the repeater server in its user interface.

The host name or numeric IP address of your repeater server.

Example: or

SSL Client Certificate

Optional unless you have more than one certificate. The name of the file that contains the digital certificate for this copy of Insight. (This is the file that you downloaded while installing Insight.)

Example: Samantha Smith.pem

If you leave this parameter blank, Insight uses whatever certificate is present.

SSL Server

Common Name

The common name assigned to the repeater server. This name must match the common name assigned to the repeater server within its license certificate. If you have access to the repeater’s certificate file ( Certificates\server_cert.pem), you can find the common name by opening the file with a text editor such as Notepad. The common name is identified in the CN field in the certificate.
  1. Save the file by right-clicking (modified) at the top of the window and clicking Save. Insight will attempt to connect to the repeater server using the settings you have specified. If a connection is established, a green server icon appears in the Servers Manager interface. If a connection cannot be established, a red icon appears.

    For more information about the Servers Manager interface, see the * Insight User Guide*.

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