Configuring an Insight Server FSU for Repeater


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Instructions to install and configure an Insight Server FSU for use with Repeater.

Complete the following tasks in order. Any exceptions or changes that you must make so that the Insight Server FSU can be used as a repeater server are noted after each step.

  1. Install the Insight Server program files as described in Installing Insight Server.

    Because the machine on which you install these files is used to run Repeater, it is helpful to give the installation directory a descriptive name such as D:\Adobe\Repeater.

  2. Install the Insight Server digital certificate as described in Downloading and Installing the Digital Certificates.

    After you have logged in to the Adobe License Server, remember to look for the certificate name that matches the server common name of the designated repeater machine.

  3. Check the port settings in the Communications.cfg file as described in Checking the Port Settings.

    If the assigned ports (Port and SSL Port) are used by another process running on the same machine, you must change the port assignments to an unused pair.

  4. If necessary, change the log directory for the Sensor data to be collected and stored on this machine. For instructions, see Monitoring Event Data Space.

  5. Modify the Access Control.cfg file to allow administrative access to Insight Server from Insight as described in Updating the Access Control File.

  6. Modify the server.address file to define the server’s network location as defined in Defining the Server’s Network Location.

  7. Set Windows memory utilization parameters.

  8. Register Insight Server as a Windows service as described in Registering Insight Server as a Windows Service.

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