Installation Procedures for an Insight Server DPU


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Detailed instructions for installing an Insight Server DPU and configuring it for administrative use.

To install and configure an Insight Server DPU, you must complete the following tasks in order:

  1. Install the Insight Server program files. See Installing the Insight Server Program Files.
  2. Download and install the Insight Server digital certificate. See Downloading and Installing the Digital Certificates.
  3. Check the port settings in the Communications.cfg file. See Checking the Port Settings.
  4. Modify the Access Control.cfg file to allow administrative access to Insight Server from Insight. See Updating the Access Control File.
  5. Modify the server.address file to define the server’s network location. See Defining the Server’s Network Location.
  6. (Optional) Modify the Disk Files.cfg file to specify where processed data is stored. See Configuring the Location of the Dataset (temp.db).
  7. Install the profiles and lookup files. See Installing Profiles and Lookup Files.
  8. Set the Microsoft Windows memory utilization parameters.
  9. Register Insight Server as a Windows service. See Registering Insight Server as a Windows Service.

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