Checking the Port Settings

By default, Insight Server listens on ports 80 (for HTTP) and 443 (for HTTPS).

If these ports are already allocated by another process on the machine where you have installed Insight Server, use the following procedure to change Insight Server’s port assignments.

To change the port assignments

  1. Navigate to the Components folder in the directory where you installed Insight Server.

    Example: C:\Adobe\Server\Components

  2. Open the Communications.cfg file in a text editor such as Notepad.

  3. Locate the Port and the SSL Port entries, as shown below:

    component = CommServer:
      Access Control File = Path: Access Control\\Access Control.cfg
      Access Log Directory = string: P:\\Audit\\
      IP Interface = string:
      Port = int: 80
      SSL Port = int: 443
      Servers = vector: 17 items
        0 = InitServer:
          Client Type = string: Sensor
          URI = string: /SensorInit.vsp
      . . .
  4. If these are not the ports that you want Insight Server to use, change the port assignments, then save and close the file.

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