Installing and Configuring the Processing Insight Servers

Last update: 2022-10-04
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A processing Insight Server is identical to a master Insight Server except for the contents of its Components directory.

The Components directory on a processing Insight Server contains a special set of files that are specifically configured for processing Insight Servers. These files are derived from the Components for Processing Servers directory on the master Insight Server.

When you install a processing Insight Server, you do the following to set up its Components directory:

  1. Delete the original Components directory on the processing Insight Server.
  2. Rename the Components for Processing Servers directory to Components.
  3. Modify the Synchronize.cfg in the Components directory to point to the master Insight Server.

To install and configure a processing Insight Server

  1. Install the Insight Server program files as described in Installing the Insight Server Program Files. Be sure to duplicate the directory structure that was used on the master Insight Server. For example, if Insight Server is installed in C:\Adobe\Server on the master Insight Server, you must install it in C:\Adobe\Server on the processing Insight Servers as well.

  2. Install the digital certificate that Adobe has issued for this particular processing Insight Server. See Downloading and Installing the Digital Certificates for instructions.

  3. Using Windows Explorer, do the following on the processing Insight Server:

    1. Delete the Components folder.
    2. Rename the Components for Processing Servers folder to Components.
  4. Using a text editor such as Notepad, open the Synchronize.cfg file in the Components directory on the processing Insight Server.

  5. Add the IP address of the master (primary) Insight Server to the second line of this file as shown in the following file fragment. Do not edit anything else in this file.

    component = SynchronizeComponent:
      Cluster Primary Server Address = string: PrimaryIPAddress
      Directories = vector: 7 items
        0 = SynchronizeDir:
          Local Path = string: Profiles\\
          Remote URI = string: /Profiles/
        1 = SynchronizeDir:
          Local Path = string: Lookups\\
          Remote URI = string: /Lookups/
        . . .
  6. Save the file.

  7. Start the Insight Server as described in Registering Insight Server as a Windows Service.

    You have now completed the installation of your Insight Server cluster. Next, configure the dataset profile to run on the cluster as described in the following section.

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