About Insight Server Clusters


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An Insight Server cluster is required when the amount of data you want to process and make accessible to your users of Insight and Report exceeds the capacity of a single Insight Server.

By setting up an Insight Server cluster, you can distribute a single analysis dataset across multiple machines in a cluster to harness the processing power of multiple Insight Servers.

The first step in the implementation of an Insight Server cluster is to allocate the Insight Server machines in your cluster. The first Insight Server machine that you set up is your master Insight Server (sometimes referred to as your primary Insight Server).


If you are using an Insight Server File Server Unit (FSU), Adobe recommends that you configure the FSU as your master Insight Server. For information about configuring an FSU, see the Dataset Configuration Guide.

The master Insight Server manages the communication between the other Insight Servers in the cluster (called processing servers or, sometimes, query servers) and instances of Insight and Report. For a given dataset, log file processing occurs on the (one or more) designated Insight Servers (master or processing) as specified in the Insight Server configuration files. When working in a clustered environment, Insight installations are configured to access the master Insight Server, but queries can be handled by any of the Insight Servers within the cluster.


The PAServer.cfg file. If you want to submit Predictive Analytics clustering jobs to Insight Servers, then you will need to configure the PAServer.cfg file for handling server-side clustering submissions. The custom profile should inherit the PAServer.cfg from the Predictive Analytics profile (Server\Profiles\Predictive Analytics\Dataset). Set a Master Server in this file and save the PAServer.cfg to the implementation site.

PAServer = PAServerConfig:
  Master Server = serverInfo:
    Address = string:
    Port = int: 80
    Use SSL = bool: false

The instructions in this chapter do not apply to the creation of an Insight Server cluster consisting of more than five (5) Insight Servers. Please contact Adobe to obtain system requirements and profile configuration recommendations for clusters larger than five Insight Servers.

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