Installing the Replication Service


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The Insight ServerReplication Service enables you to transmit the event data collected and stored on one Insight Server machine to another Insight Server machine.

Typically, the machine on which the data is collected and stored is configured to run as a Repeater machine. See Repeater Functionality. The Replication Service, which is configured by the Replicate.cfg file, enables an Insight Server machine to retrieve data from the Repeater machine and store it locally. The Insight Server machine is referred to as the target machine. Multiple Insight Server DPUs can connect to a single Repeater to request copies of the event data for inclusion in multiple datasets.

You can use the Replication Service in network infrastructures with multiple layers of firewalling to achieve single-port to single-port communications between components that are separated by firewalls.

To install the Replication Service

The Replicate.cfg file should be installed as part of your Insight Server installation. You can find the file within the Components folder of your Insight Server installation directory. If you do not have this file, contact Adobe.

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