Insight Server Directory Structure

Last update: 2022-10-04
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List of files installed with Insight Server and the files present after it has been registered, and run for the first time.

Files Included in the Installation Package

The following directories are included in the Insight Server installation package:

Directory Description of Directory Contents
Access Control Insight Server configuration file which specifies a list of Access Groups.
Addresses Address(es) used for communication with Insight Server .
Audit Daily access logs containing details regarding all attempted connections to Insight Server .
bin Insight Server executable program files.
Certificates SSL digital certificates.
Components Insight Server component configuration files.
Components for Processing Servers Insight Server component configuration files for processing Insight Servers within an Insight Server cluster.
Events Daily event logs containing detailed event status messages, including error messages. Events captured and logged by Insight Server are also displayed in Windows Event Viewer.

Log files produced by Sensor (s).

“Logs” is the default logging directory, but an alternate directory may have been specified in the communications.cfg file.

Lookups Lookup files, such as robot and search engine lists. Insight Server must load all lookup files into memory. The total size of all lookup files referenced in component configuration files, plus overhead (for example, 12 bytes per row for FlatFileLookup files), must not exceed the available physical or virtual memory that is available after all other software applications are loaded.

Files related to each profile (configuration, workspace, and visualization files). Profiles are populated by data from a dataset. Datasets include event data (“Log Data”); such data may be captured by installed Sensors , transmitted by Web beacons or page tags, or input from data warehouses. Insight users with access to a given profile may use the set of processed data for that profile as well as the Workspaces and visualizations defined within that profile.

Workspaces are work areas for system administration or analysis. A Workspace can contain multiple interfaces showing different details about system performance.

Software Insight software updates. Report software updates are also stored here.

Directories and Files Created after Startup

The directories listed below are created after Insight Server is registered and run for the first time:

Directory Description
State Processing information generated by Insight Server .

Location of the temporary files used by Insight Server during reprocessing and operation. There is usually one file (named temp.db by default) per physical drive.

Insight Server must be configured to write to this directory.

Trace Log and event data about Insight Server . Useful for troubleshooting.
Users Named ( Insight ) users with access to the profiles on the Server. A directory for each authorized named user is created within the directory Users\ when the user first accesses Insight Server via Insight . The directory for each named user contains directories corresponding to all of the profiles that the user has accessed on that Insight Server as well as their local address files.

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