Monitoring Audit Logs

Last update: 2022-10-04
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Audit log files track all attempted connections to and disconnections from Insight Server, each of which is logged in the <YYYYMMDD>-access.txt files located by default in the Audit folder within the Insight Server installation directory.

Recommended Frequency: Daily or as needed for troubleshooting

Audit logs can be very helpful when troubleshooting issues connecting to Insight Server. You can monitor these logs using your automated management tool or by viewing the access.txt files directly.

To view access.txt files through the Server Files Manager

  1. In Insight, on the Admin > Dataset and Profile tab, click the Servers Manager thumbnail to open the Servers Manager workspace.

  2. Right-click the icon of an active Insight Server and click Server Files.

  3. In the Server Files Manager, click Audit to view its contents.

  4. Right-click the check mark in the server name column next to the desired file and click Make Local. A check mark appears next to the file name in the Temp column.

  5. Right-click the new check mark in the Temp column and click Open > in Notepad. The audit log appears in a new Microsoft Windows Notepad window.

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