Configuring Administrative Alerts

Administrative alerts send email notifications to the specified email addresses when errors are detected by the Insight Server during the normal course of operation.

Recommended Frequency: Prior to production


The use of administrative alerts requires that Insight Server has access to a forwarding SMTP server to send alerts by email.

The recipients of the email notifications should be key systems administration personnel and primary stakeholders.

The Administrative Alerts file, Administrative Alerts.cfg, is used to configure the administrative alerts for Insight Server.


If you are running a cluster, you must create or modify alerts on the master Insight Server in the cluster.

To create or modify an administrative alert

  1. In Insight, on the Admin > Dataset and Profile tab, click the Servers Manager thumbnail to open the Servers Manager workspace.

  2. Right-click the icon of the Insight Server you want to configure and click Server Files.

  3. In the Server Files Manager, click Components to view its contents. The Administrative Alerts.cfg file is located within this directory.

  4. Right-click the check mark in the *server name *column for Administrative Alerts.cfg and click Make Local. A check mark appears in the Temp column for Administrative Alerts.cfg.

  5. Right-click the newly created check mark in the Temp column and click Open > in Insight.

  6. In the Administrative Alerts.cfg window, click component to view its contents.

  7. Fill out the parameters as desired. For a list of the parameters available in this file, see Administrative Alerts Configuration Settings.

    Step Info

  8. Save your changes to the server by doing the following:

    1. Right-click (modified) at the top of the window and click Save.

    2. In the Server Files Manager, right-click the check mark for the file in the Temp column and select Save to > < server name>.

  9. (Optional) If you are working in a cluster and you want the same administrative alerts applied to each Data Processing Unit, you must copy and paste the updated Administrative Alerts.cfg file into the Components for Processing Servers folder within the master Insight Server installation directory.

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