Installing Sensor


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You install Sensor on the same computer as the server whose activity you want to measure.

Each server from which you want to capture event data must run Sensor.

Sensor can be installed on a wide variety of supported web and application servers or on specialized data collection servers that are used to acquire information from pages, advertisements, and other Internet objects that have been tagged for measurement.


Sensor does not degrade the performance of a properly configured web, application, or data collection server.

Adobe has designed Sensor to support a growing family of web and J2EE application servers including but not limited to AOLServer, Apache, iPlanet, JBoss, Microsoft IIS, Netscape Enterprise, Tomcat, and Weblogic running on common operating systems including, but not limited to, Microsoft Windows, AIX, Linux, and Solaris. Sensor’s modular architecture enables Adobe to very quickly create new data acquisition logic for other applications as needed.

This chapter contains procedures for installing Sensor for web server/operating system combinations.

If you have not already installed the data workbench server that collects data from the Sensor, you must do so before performing the procedures in this chapter.

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