Confirming that the Data Transmitter is Running

Check whether the transmitter is running by setting up alerts, checking the system status of the Sensor, and more.

Recommended Frequency: Every 5-10 minutes

Checking the Transmitter Process

One way to verify that the transmitter is running is to check that the Sensor transmitter process is running on each web server where a Sensor instance is installed. The transmitter process appears as “txlogd” in the web server’s list of processes. You can perform this check using a system monitoring tool.

Setting Up Administrative Alerts in the Data Workbench Server

Another way to verify that the transmitter is running is to set up automated administrative alerts in the data workbench server. When administrative alerts have been configured, the data workbench server generates an email alert when it has received no data from a configured and previously connected Sensor within the time frame specified in the Sensor Alert Timeout (min) parameter in the data workbench server’s Administrative Alerts.cfg file. For more information about setting up administrative alerts, see the Server Products Installation and Administration Guide.

Checking the System Status of the Sensor

Yet another way to verify that the transmitter is running is to manually check the Servers Manager in Data Workbench.

To view the Servers Manager

  • In Data Workbench, right-click within a workspace, click Admin, then under Manage, click Servers.

If the icon for a Sensor is green, the transmitter is running.

For more information about the Servers Manager, see the Administrative Interfaces chapter of the Data Workbench Sensor Guide.

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