Create the Report Server Workspaces


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You can create multiple workspaces for a single report set directly in the Worktop.

For information about data workbench and using the interface, see the Data Workbench Client Guide.

To create a report workspace using the Worktop

  1. In data workbench, on the Reports tab, select the report set folder (tab or drop-down subdirectory) in which you want to add the new report(s).

  2. Add a report workspace using one of the following methods:

    • Right-click within the desired report set subdirectory and click New > Blank Workspace or New > Report Template.


    • Copy a workspace from another location and paste it into the appropriate report set folder on the Reports tab.

  3. Click the thumbnail to open the workspace and add the desired visualizations, legends, and annotations to the report.

  4. To name the report, click the text in the title bar of the report to enter edit mode and type the new title.

  5. To save the report, right-click the title bar of the report and click Save.

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