Configure the Report Set

After you have created and saved the workspaces within your report set folder, you must create a new Report.cfg file.

You must specify in the Report.cfg file for the report set when and how the reports are to be generated and distributed.

To create a new Report.cfg

  1. In data workbench, open the Profile Manager by right-clicking within a workspace and clicking Admin > Profile > Profile Manager.

  2. Click Reports to open the Reports folder.

  3. Click the folder for your report set.

  4. In the User column for your report set folder, right-click and select Create > Report. A new Report.cfg file appears in the Filecolumn.

  5. In the User column for the new Report.cfg file, right-click the check mark for the Report.cfg file, then click Open > from the workbench.

    Step Info

  6. Edit the configuration parameters as desired. For information about these parameters, see Report.cfg Parameters.


    The sample Report.cfg shown in this example contains only the parameters included in the Report.cfg file by default. If you need to add additional parameters to a Report.cfg file, you must do so using a text editor. For steps to do so, see Editing Existing Report.cfg Files.

  7. Save the file by right-clicking Report.cfg (modified) at the top of the file and clicking Save as Reports*< ReportSetName>* \Report.cfg.

  8. Close the file.

  9. In the Profile Manager, right-click the check mark in the User column for the new Report.cfg file and select Save to*< profile name>*.

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