Displaying Report Server Status


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The Detailed Status interface in data workbench is useful for troubleshooting errors or other issues with the Data Workbench Server and Report Server machines that are clients of Data Workbench Server.

To view Report’s status in the Master Server Detailed Status interface, you must add a report status server to the Servers vector in data workbench server’s Communications.cfg file. The following procedure describes how to add the report status server to the Communications.cfg file:

For more information about Detailed Status interfaces, see the Administrative Interfaces chapter of the Data Workbench User Guide.

To add a Report Status Server

  1. Navigate to the Components folder in the directory where you installed the data workbench server (InsightServer64.exe.)

    Example: C:\Adobe\Server\Components

  2. Open Communications.cfg in a text editor such as Notepad.

  3. Locate the Servers vector and add the report status server to this vector as highlighted in the following file fragment.

     . . .
    Servers = vector: 17 items
        0 = FileServer:
          Local Path = string: Audit\\
          URI = string: /Audit
        1 = FileServer:
          Local Path = string: Bin\\
          URI = string: /Bin
        2 = FileServer:
          Local Path = string: Components\\
          URI = string: /Components
      . . .
        16 = ReportStatusServer:
          URI = string: /ReportStatus.vsp
  4. Update the items count for the Servers vector (that is, increment the items value by one) as highlighted in the file fragment in the previous step.

  5. Save the file.

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