Configuring the Connection to the Insight Server

Last update: 2022-10-04
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Before you can generate reports and alerts, you must configure Report Server to specify the address of the Insight server and identify the profiles that you want it to report against.


Until you configure Report Server as described below, you can not run Report Server successfully. If you attempt to run Report Server with the non-configured file that is installed with the program, Report Server produces a stream of errors.

To configure Report Server

  1. With Windows Explorer, navigate to the directory where you installed Report Server.

  2. Open the ReportServer.cfg file in Notepad and modify the file as desired.

    The following sample Report Server.cfg contains only the parameters included in the Report Server.cfg file by default (and highlights the required parameter settings). If you contact the Adobe License Server through a proxy server, you need to add the Licensing vector and its parameters. See Report Server.cfg parameters for a detailed description.

    Fonts = vector: 0 items
    Gamma = float: 1.6
    Network Location = string: NetworkLocationName
    Servers = vector: 1 items
      0 = serverInfo:
        Address = string: ServerIPAddress
        Name = string:
        Port = int: 443
        Proxy Address = string:
        Proxy Password = string:
        Proxy Port = int: 8080
        Proxy User Name = string:
        SSL Client Certificate = string: ReportCertFileName.pem
        SSL Server Common Name = string: ServerCommonName
        Use SSL = bool: true
    Result Memory Limit (KB) = double: 100000
    Maximum Slice Size = int: 30
    Use OpenGL Hardware Rendering = bool: true
    Reporting = :
      Profiles = vector: 1 items
        0 = ReportProfile:
          Server = string: ServerCommonName
          Profile = string: ProfileName
      Update Interval (minutes) = int: 10
      Completion Message Interval (seconds) = int: 600
      Status interval (seconds) = int: 600
      SMTP Server for Errors = string: SMTPServerHostName
      SMTP Server for Errors Username = string: SMTPServerUsername
      SMTP Server for Errors Password = string: SMTPServerPassword
      SMTP Server for Errors Send From = string: SenderAddress
      SMTP Server for Errors Send To = string: RecipientAddresses
  3. Save and close the file.

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