Define Additional Accounts

Last update: 2022-10-04
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Users must have a valid account and provide an account name and password when they access the Report Portal.

By default, user authentication is enabled in Report Portal.

The list of valid accounts for Report Portal is maintained in the database file, portal.mdb. Report Portal is installed with one account with administrative privileges:

  • Account Name: test
  • Password: user

For security reasons, Adobe recommends that you change the password for this account after you install Report Portal.

To add user accounts to Report Portal or change information relating to existing accounts, you use the Admin tab on the Report Portal user interface.

Each time you add a new account or edit an existing account, a confirmation email is sent as specified in the email.asp file in the *PortalName*\PortalASP folder. For more information, see Edit the Email.asp File.

For steps to add additional users, see Working with Accounts.


Optionally, you can disable user authentication and allow anonymous access to Report Portal. For steps to do so, see the information about the Session(“In”) parameter in Edit the Session Configuration File.

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