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Last update: 2022-10-04
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The Report Portal provides a search feature to find reports based on a tree view of folders, tree view of report dates, and an ad hoc search.

  1. Click the Search tab in the left pane of the Report Portal.

    A new web page will open displaying the Search page with the Folder Tree option as the default view.

  2. Select other view options from the buttons displayed at the top of the page.

Search button Description

Folder tree

Select reports based on the custom hierarchy of report folders. These folders are defined and organized as a report set.

Date tree

Select folders based on a hierarchy of dates defined by Report Server. The reports are organized based on the date (year/month/day) they were run.


Perform ad hoc searches across all of your reports. If you know the complete name of the report, you can enter it directly into the search box.

In addition:

  • Type a <space> key to see a drop-down list of beginning characters or names for all existing reports.
  • Enter the first name of the report and type a <space> key to see a drop-down list allowing you to auto-fill the name for an existing report.

Deselect all

Click to clear all selected reports.

Show selected

Click to display any reports selected in the Folder tree or Date tree views. The Report Portal will open in a new window and display each report as .png file. If multiple reports are selected, then each individual report can be selected from a tab at the top of the page.

Click the Print button on this page to print the selected report or click Download to store locally.

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