Generating Reports


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Generate reports by processing workspaces and specifying them as reports.

Report generates your reports at the interval set in the Every parameter in the Report.cfg file (such as “day,” which processes the report on a daily basis), and based on the other Report.cfg file settings.

While generating reports, the percent complete displays on the Reports tab under the thumbnail for that particular report. If Report encounters a problem during report generation, the most recent error message displays on the Reports tab in the report set’s folder. If Report does encounter an error for a particular report, it continues to process the other reports in the set.

You can generate the reports in a report set in any or all of the following formats using the Report Types parameter in the Report.cfg file:

  • Microsoft Excel file ( .xls or .xlsx)
  • Portable network graphic file ( .png)
  • Thumbnail ( .jpg)

Along with the types of output specified, Report creates an .xml file named the same as your report. This <report name>.xml file contains the description of the report that displays in Data Workbench on the Reports tab below the report’s thumbnail. This makes the description available to use when distributing your reports through a reporting portal. For information about the Report Portal, see Working with Report Portal.


If you redefine an internal metric, the system behaves unexpectedly because of the wrong value. Your reports will not generate unless a metric reads 100%. It is recommended that you do not change metric definitions.

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