Data Workbench 6.61 Release Notes

Last update: 2021-04-04
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Data Workbench 6.61 release notes include new features, upgrade requirements, fixed bugs, and known issues.

New Features

Data Workbench 6.61 includes these new features:

Updated MMP configuration for splitting record files For the Data Workbench client, you can now split files containing records. In the MMPExport.cfg file, you can specify the number of records per split. The incoming records file is then split accordingly, and then record chunks are exported to AWS S3.

See MMP Integration.

On selecting a particular localization profile, the month and day in the calendar are now localized.

System Updates

These features have been updated in this release:

  • Page Views metric in Adobe SC and Adobe SC Avro profiles are no longer Page Event based. Page Views are recorded if the Page Name or Page URL is not null.

Fixed Bugs

  • MetricDim format is enhanced to use the scale and size parameters. The scale and size parameters are set correctly based on bucket start and bucket size values respectively.
  • Fixed Globe issue that was introduced in release 6.6. Errors occurred because of this issue when users tried to zoom-in on certain locations on the Globe.

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