Data Workbench 6.5 Release Notes

Last update: 2022-01-28
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Data Workbench 6.5 release notes include new features, upgrade requirements, fixed bugs, and known issues.

New Features

Upgrade Requirements

System Updates

Fixed Bugs

Known Issues

New Features

Data Workbench 6.5 includes these new features:

DWB 6.5 Features Description
New Association Table and Association Chord visualizations

The Association Table and Association Chord visualizations let you associate metrics with metrics, dimensions, and dimension elements using the Cramer's V algorithm. The Associations Table and Chord compares values using the Cramer's V calculation rather than using Pearson's correlation coefficient as employed in the Correlation Matrix and Correlation Chord visualizations (these can only compare metrics, while the Association Table and Chord can compare metrics, dimensions, and elements).

To open, select Visualization > Predictive Analytics > Association Table or Association Chord from the workspace.

New Regression Tree option for Decision Trees

Evaluate a Decision Tree using the Regression Tree option by right-clicking and selecting Options > Regression Tree within a Decision Tree visualization.

Updated Decision Tree builder: The new algorithm was introduced for building a Decision Tree . It handles more general data and provides a more informative visualization to improve the precision of the prediction.

Improved data sampling module: An updated adaptive sampling scheme helps Decision Tree and Propensity Score achieve higher precision results.

Report Server support for Predictive Analysis and Best Fit Attribution visualizations Best Fit Attribution, Propensity Score, Correlation Matrix, Correlation Chord, Association Table, and Association Chord visualizations are now multi-pass visualizations, allowing them to run in Report Server. However, only one multi-pass visualization can run in a workspace. (See Known Issues below.)
Context-aware visualizations When you drag and drop within a workspace, any visualization open in the workspace that can accept what is being dragged (metrics, dimension elements, etc.) visually identifies itself, allowing you to see the visualizations capable of accepting the dragged item. The visualization's border is highlighted in blue showing that the metric being dragged to the visualization is capable of accepting the dragged metric.
New Save Filter button When you select an item within a workspace—a detail table, visualization, filter, or other item—a Save Filter button opens on the toolbar allowing you to create a filter for the item selected, allowing you to enter a name for the filter before saving it to the profile.
New Layout for editing configuration files

The New Layout interface lets you quickly open and edit .cfg, .dim, .metric and other files in the Configuration tree (the config file editor) by right-clicking and selecting from drop-down menus in a workspace.

New Ctrl > O and Ctrl > E quick keys to open and edit files New Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Type Ctrl > O in a workspace to open a visualization (.vw) file. It is the same as selecting Add > Open from the toolbar.
  • Type Ctrl > E in a workspace to edit a configuration file by default, or browse to open other file types.
New Add > Edit menu option Right-click and select Edit in a workspace (or from the toolbar) to open .cfg files by default, or Select All to browse to other .dim , .metric and .vw files.
Open recent or pinned files The Open files feature now lists the most current files and files you want "pinned" to the menu for quick access. Right-click and select Open from menu in a workspace, or select Add > Open and Add > Edit from the toolbar.

Attention: Click the pin icon next to the item to save the workspace in the menu.

Improved Filter descriptions New easy-to-understand descriptions of the applied filters will now display in these visualizations and editors:
  • Filter Editor (when you hover over the title)
  • Filter panel on the Finder
  • Propensity Score visualization
  • Cluster Builder visualization
  • Decision Tree Builder visualization
International Formats for Metrics Format configuration files were added to support international delimiters in metrics.
S/FTP Delivery An SFTP/FTP export was added to the Export Integration framework. You can now configure settings from the client (workstation) and export using CSV, TSV, Segment Export, or Segment Export with Header using FTP and SFTP protocols, allowing you to send files to servers.

Select any of the exports by right-clicking on a Detail Table . Once selected, an export configuration table opens allowing you to add or update export settings.

Using Windows Certificates Store in the workstation (client)

You can now store the SSL certificate and private key for the Data Workbench Client (Workstation) in the Windows Certificate store for SSL communication with servers. Using the Windows Certificate Store may be preferable for those who manage certificates in a single store. (See Known Issues.)

String Encryption as a service

A new encryption feature encrypts strings and stores them with keys in the Window's Credentials Store.

Windows in workspace resize proportionally Windows in a workspace now resize proportionally when you resize from a corner by holding down the <Shift> key.
Correlation Matrix recalculates automatically Correlation Matrix no longer requires a Recalculate option in the right-click menu.
Updates to User Administration of Group Members Changes to Access Control.cfg and User List.cfg added to Base package for use with User Admin of Group Members .
Updated Query Memory Limit Updated Query Memory Limit setting in DPU.cfg from unsigned int to __int64 is now available for those who wish to use more than 4 GB for this value.

Upgrade Requirements

Follow these requirements and recommendations when upgrading to Data Workbench 6.5.

  • Changes in the Components for Processing Servers\Communications.cfg file require you to update this file for the DWB 6.5 release. The SourceListServer, SegmentExportServer, and NormalizeServer entries were removed. (DPU’s should not be running sourcelist, segment export, or normalize servers. )

System Updates

These features have been renamed, deleted, or the installation files or folders were restructured in this release:

  • Correlation Chord, Correlation Matrix, Association Chord, Association Matrix, Propensity Score, and Best Fit Attribution visualizations are now multi-pass visualizations, allowing them to run in Report Server.


    You can only have one multi-pass visualization in a workspace.

    When there are more than one multi-pass visualizations in a workspace, Report Server will fail to generate reports by default and throw the following error:

    Too many Multipass visualizations in workspace ....... (has #, 1 allowed).

    Avoid this error by updating your ReportServer.cfg file or add this line to your existing file in the Reporting section. >

    Max Multipass Per Slice = int: 1

    The Max Multipass Per Slice value must remain set at 1 (See Known Issues).

  • Changes made to files in the Server\Menu\Admin folder.

    • Removed Lookups.
    • Added Archive Files and User Files.
    • Modified Files, Export Files, Log Files.

    Updated files include:

    Base\Menu\Admin\Order.txt (changes to menu)
    Base\Menu\Admin\Files.vw (removed Lookups and Events string, added
    Archive and Users strings)
    Base\Menu\Admin\Archive Files.vw
    Base\Menu\Admin\User Files.vw
  • Changes made to files in the Base\Context\ServerDetails folder:

    Base\Context\ServerDetails\Archive Files.vw
    Base\Context\ServerDetails\Export Files.vw
    Base\Context\ServerDetails\Log Files.vw
    Base\Context\ServerDetails\User Files.vw
    Base\workspaces\admin\dataset and profile\server files.vw
  • Changes made to the self-administration of member access.

    A new file in the Base and Server packages includes a User List.cfg for Admins to update for member access.

Fixed Bugs

The following are prominent fixes made in Data Workbench 6.5 (since the release of Data Workbench 6.4).

  • Fixed block decoding bug that was introduced in release 6.4. Issue was encountered during processing of a very large visitor.
  • Fixed alignment bug introduced with compiler upgrade. Issue affected Replication in release 6.4

Known Issues

  • Use of the Windows Certificate Store is limited to the English only (no Chinese or Japanese language support).
  • Regression Analysis on graphs does not recognize new workspace selections. A possible workaround is to redo the regression after making a new selection.
  • The Max Multipass Per Slice value must remain set at 1. You cannot have more than one of the following visualizations in a single workspace intended for Report Server: Propensity Score, Best Fit Attribution, Association Matrix, Association Chord, Correlation Matrix, or Correlation Chord.

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