Data Workbench 6.31 Update

Data Workbench 6.31 provides bug fixes and identifies known issues and their workarounds.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where the Segment Export output contains random characters in the export file (which has been identified as random buffer data). This occurs for Segment Exports with both legacy and the new segment export formats.
  • Fixed issue where Add Dimension in a table was displaying only extended dimensions. Now all standard and extended dimensions are displayed.
  • Fixed issue in Simplified Chinese version where the client executable, Insight.exe, if the installation directory was named with non-English characters.
  • Fixed issues in the Report Server in the Simplified Chinese version where the email subject and the attachment file names were garbled but the actual output reports were valid.

Known Issues

  • Legacy Segment export files output with double quotes even if the export file doesn’t contain quotes in the Output Format field.

    Workaround: Add these three lines to the .export file. Setting these values will not trigger an MMP integration (as other configuration fields are required) but will bypass unwanted automatic escapes.

      MMP Configuration = MMPConfiguration:
        MMP Segment Name = string: UNESCAPE DUMMY
        MMP Visitor ID Field = string: [Specify a Dimension from the output of
                                        the current export]

    (The first line has two (2) leading spaces and the next lines four (4). The Dimension from the output of the current export needs to be referenced in the MMP Visitor ID Field.)

Upgrade Instructions

Upgrade instructions for Data Workbench 6.31 are the same as upgrade instructions for Data Workbench 6.3.

New profiles for Data Workbench are located on the Software and Docs profile at

Profiles - Current\DataWorkBench\
  English Translated\DataWorkBench_6.31-en-us\

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