Connection Troubleshooting


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If Insight cannot connect to the Insight Server(s) using the specified settings, a red node appears in the Servers Manager.

This might occur, for example, if you configure the connection incorrectly or you do not have permission to view the Insight Server’s status.

To determine why Insight is not able to establish a connection

  1. Right-click the red server node and click Detailed Status.

  2. In the Detailed Status interface, click Network Connections and expand the numbered items. The Status parameter provides information about why Insight is not able to establish a connection:

    • A status code in the 500s indicates a configuration error.
    • A status code of 403 usually indicates that you do not have permission to view the server’s status.

You can view additional status information in the insight.log file. This log file is located in the Trace folder in the directory where you installed Insight. To view the file, open it in a text editor such as Notepad.

If you need assistance understanding the information in the insight.log file, first contact your system administrator. If you require further assistance, contact Adobe Customer Care.

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