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Last update: 2022-10-04
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Read more about Data Workbench’s End-of-life announcement.

Data Workbench provides a set up wizard to install the workstation (client) application.

Installing the Workstation using the Setup Wizard

Launch the installation wizard executable and walk through each step to install the workstation client program. After installation of the workstation, you can connect to servers and profiles.

  1. Double-click the workstation installer executable.

  2. Click Yes to allow the program to install on Windows.

  3. Select a Language for the setup wizard.

    The wizard will open:

  4. Click Next on the Welcome to Data Workbench Setup Wizard dialog.

  5. Select to install a New Installation or to Upgrade or repair an existing installation.

    New Installation overwrites any previously installed files.

    Upgrade updates your Workstation to the latest version or lets you repair an existing installation. Data Workbench will compare installed Insight.exe files and run the Workstation Setup Wizard if a newer version of the client is available.

  6. Select install location:

    Typical installs to a default folder and location.

    • Program files are saved by default to:

      C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Analytics\Data Workbench
    • Data Files (profiles, certificates, trace logs, and user files) are saved by default to:

      C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Adobe\Adobe Analytics\Data Workbench\

      A generic Insight.cfg file without server details will be installed initially. It is recommended that you use the newly installed Insight.cfg file and customize it rather than moving a file from a previous installation. Because the path for installing the workstation has changed, the addition of fonts, removal of the User Folder, and the removal of the *TraceFileComponent * is recommended.

  7. (optional) Select Custom to choose the language package and the location of the program and data files.

  8. Select location for shortcuts in the Start Menu.

    Click Don’t create a Start Menu folder to not install a shortcut on the Windows Start Menu.

  9. Click Next. A summary of selected file location paths and languages will display. Click Install.

  10. Locate the Data Workbench Certificate.

    If the setup wizard cannot find the Data Workbench certificate during installation, it will open a dialog to browse to the location of the certificate (a .pem file located by default in the client Certificates folder), or click Skip to find the certificate after installation.

    Click Install after locating the certificate.

  11. After the setup wizard is complete and Data Workbench installed, click Finish to complete setup.


    The default log location for the Workstation Set up Wizard at C:\Users\<userName>\AppData\Local\Temp.

    Select the Launch application checkbox to open the workbench after setup.

  12. Configure connections to servers in Insight.cfg file.

    After installation of the workstation, the Enhanced Workstation Configuration Experience workspace will open with additional information about entering server connection information in the Insight.cfg file and an option to select a profile from the drop-down. You can also view the connection status to your servers.

Installation Folders

The Data Workbench folder structure has two installation locations:

  • Program Files The Insight.exe and supporting client files (Insight.ini) are now located by default at

    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Analytics\DataWorkbench
  • The Appdata folder.

    Insight.cfg, profiles, certificates, trace logs, and user files are now located by default at


    You can set the path for the Appdata folder in the Insight.ini file:

    AppDataFolder=C:\Users\mhiatt\AppData\Local\Adobe\Adobe Analytics\Data Workbench\

Uninstalling the Workstation

Data Workbench now includes an executable to uninstall the workstation (located by default at Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Analytics\Data Workbench\ unins000.exe).

Launch and follow steps to remove the Data Workbench Workstation files from your hard drive.


You can launch the unins000.exe executable from the folder, using the Uninstall Data Workbench shortcut from Start Menu, or from Control Panel > Program and Features.

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