Setting up Localized Languages


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Set up insight.zbin file to set the language of the client application.

Update the data workbench server components

The administrator must first complete these tasks to update these server components:

  1. Update to data workbench server 6.x. You need to update the data workbench server for localization by updating the base\localization*.zbin file. This insight.zbin file will then be copied to the client.

    An insight.zbin file is included in the installation folder alongside the insight.exe file. If you connect to a server that doesn’t provide you with language-specific .zbin files, then data workbench will proceed to use this file.

    The backup insight.zbin file can be provided in any language. As a result, if you use data workbench in Chinese and connect to a server that doesn’t support this language, then your data workbench client will still be in Chinese, even if the server changes your base profile and removes your .zbin files from the Base/Localization folder.

  2. Update the data workbench report server. The insight.zbin at the root folder of data workbench report server will be in English by default. As the administrator, you will be required to select and copy the .zbin file from the updated report server package and place it in the root directory of the data workbench report server. Like the client, the report server also requires the proper arguments for the selected language, such as Insight.exe -zh-cn

    1. Stop the report server services.

    2. Copy the Localization folder from the new report server package.

    3. From the Localization folder, copy the Insight.zbin file and place it in the root directory of the report server where the Insight.exe is located.

    4. Add any required arguments, such as insight.exe -zh-cn

    5. Restart the report server.

Update the data workbench client

After updating the server, follow these steps to update each client.

  1. To make sure the client does not get updated from the server during this update, set your Insight.cfg argument to False.

    Update Software = bool: false
  2. Restart the client.

  3. Navigate to the Software and Docs profile (SoftDocs profile) and download the required insight.zbin file from the client package: Software\Insight Client\

  4. Move the insight.zbin file to the folder where insight.exe is located.

  5. To make sure that the client files now gets updated from the server, change the Insight.cfg file argument to True:

    Update Software = bool: true



    Your client will synchronize with the server and you will see a message stating that it is updating. At the conclusion of the download, you will get a message asking if you want to restart your client.

  6. Click OK to restart the client.

If you get the following message, then it means the zbin file was not placed in the same location as the Insight.exe.

Insight Terminated: The backup dictionary file insight.zbin
is missing.

Localized Splash Screens

Data workbench looks for the following splash screen files:

  • English (default): Base/Images/<version_product> Splash.png
  • Chinese (when started with -zh-cn): Base/Images/<version_product> Splash zh-cn.png.

If a splash screen is requested but missing, data workbench will access the English splash screen by default.

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