Installing the Input Method Editor


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Data workbench now supports the Input Method Editor (IME) as a secondary text entry process for international languages.

IMEs allow you to enter international characters using a variety of methods suited for your local language. Data workbench provides an input dialog box that allows you to open and use your desired IME for text fields.


For the data workbench 6.1 release, only the virtual Simplified Chinese keyboard will be supported. Inputting other languages through the IME could result in unexpected behavior.

Using an IME

To use the floating IME text input feature:

  1. Click Alt + Space for any text input area.

  2. Enter values using your system’s IME.

  3. Close the input dialog by selecting the Enter key or clicking the OK button.

    The dialog will disappear and the characters will then appear in the selected field.

Updating the Insight.cfg file

To employ the IME, you must update the Insight.cfg file with this setting:

Localized IME = bool: true

If this setting does not exist in the configuration file, then pressing Alt + Space will not engage the IME feature.

Starting Insight in another language: To better support localized assets like a splash screen and to support multiple languages in the future, data workbench requires command-line arguments identifying the language to load. The default language is English.

Starting data workbench in Chinese requires you to invoke Insight.exe with the “-zh-cn” argument:

Insight.exe -zh-cn

(These command line arguments are not case sensitive.)

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