Files Included in the Installation Package

Last update: 2022-10-04
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Read more about Data Workbench’s End-of-life announcement.

Files included in the Data Workbench installation package.

The following directories are included in the Insight package.

Program Files

The Workstation executable (Insight.exe) and supporting files are installed by default to this folder.

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Analytics\Data Workbench
Directory Description
Insight.exe The Data Workbench client executable.
insight.ini Set language and the path for the Appdata folder.

Data workbench now supports an Input Method Editor (IME) as a secondary text entry process that allows you to enter international characters from your keyboard using a floating text box. Data workbench will support English by default but also allows you to load other files to support international languages, such as a virtual Chinese keyboard (Pinyin IME).

A new dictionary file (Insight.zbin ) is required by the client application to support the IME.

unins000.exe Executable to uninstall Workstation and delete files.

AppData Files

Data Files (Insight.cfg, Profiles, Certificates, trace logs, and user files) are saved by default to:

Directory Description
Insight.cfg The Data Workbench configuration file. Defines parameters within which Data Workbench operates. See Configuring the Connection to Insight Server .

Contains the program files for Data Workbench.

Note: You should not remove or alter any of these files.

Certificates Contains the certificate file, trust_ca_cert.pem , and the named user digital certificate for Data Workbench. See Downloading and Installing the Digital Certificate .
Configuration Contains the files that are used for Workstation configuration.
Geography Files for graphic rendering of geographical visualizations.
Trace Log files generated from the Workstation.
Profiles AdobeSC, Predictive Analytics and other profile configuration files.
InsightSetup.exe Setup wizard to install additional client computers in the Software/Insight folder.

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