Data Workbench Discovery and Requirements


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Gather and describe the business questions appropriate to your marketing environment when implementing Data Workbench.

This section lets you to gather inputs about the questions and tasks required to devise solution(s) in Data Workbench (DWB), which can address these questions accurately, unambiguously, and in a technology-independent manner, providing references to the business terminology and the Adobe Analytics Premium solution. This section provides information about these objectives and the associated requirements.

Phase 1: Key Business Goals/Objectives

The following tables prompt you to identify your customer base and analyze construction of your DWB implementation.

  • Understanding the your Customer Base
  • Understanding specific Business Case (For example, effectiveness of Self-Service and other data channels/offline data sources)

Understanding Your Customer Base

Understand why customers use your site, the challenges you face, and how DWB will help you based on your business model. For example, how to measure, monitor, and analyze your customers to cross-sell other products and services, get the list of active users and account penetration, and other goals.

ID Business Question/Requirement Priority Phase Dependencies
1a Specific Business Question 1 High/Medium/Low 1 Common Key, dependent on some other key etc.
1b Specific Business Question 2 High 1 Any Dependency

Analysis Construction

Workspace Analysis Data Source(s) Add Workspace name

Workspace Dimensions & Metrics needed

Identify Dimensions:

Identify Metrics:

Workspace Filters, Flags, and Tools Needed

Identify Segments:

Identify Tools:

What actions can be derived from this analysis? Understand tasks and content using specific DWB workspaces.

Phase 2: Understanding Specific Business Cases

Understand other data sources and channels, and learn how these will relate to your business cases.

ID Business questions/requirements Priority Phase Dependencies
2a Specific business requirement 1



Common Key, dependent on some other key, Account flag/identifier etc.


Specific Business Requirement 2

High/Medium/Low 1

Any dependency

Analysis construction

Workspace Analysis Data Source(s) Sample Workspace name

Workspace Dimensions & Metrics needed

Dimensions: Define required dimensions.

Metrics: Define metrics needed.

Workspace Filters, Flags, and Tools Needed

Segments: Identify your customer segments.

Tools: Select tools required.

What actions can be derived from this analysis? What to understand from this workspace

Data Sources

Data sources Priority How often is data received?
Site 1 Name report suite (RSID) 1 Hourly
Site 2 Name (If any) (RSID) 1 Hourly
Data Source 1 (If applicable) 2 Daily?
Data Source 2 (If applicable) 3 Daily?

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