Installing the Geography Profile

Last update: 2022-10-04
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Read more about Data Workbench’s End-of-life announcement.

The Geography profile provided with data workbenchGeography is an internal profile that provides additional functionality to your Adobe application.

As with all other internal profiles provided by Adobe, the Geography profile should not be changed. All customization must occur in your dataset or role-specific profiles or other profiles that you create.

The Geography profile includes several transformation dataset include files (located in the Dataset\Transformation\Geography folder) that define geographical dimensions. Following is a list of the transformation dataset include files provided with the Geography profile:

  • City.cfg
  • Coordinates.cfg
  • Country.cfg
  • DMA.cfg
  • Domain.cfg

Each of the files is named for the extended dimension that it defines. An additional file, IPLookup.cfg, defines several geographical data fields that are used to define dimensions in the other transformation dataset include files.

For information about transformation dataset include files, see the Dataset Configuration Guide.

To install the Geography profile on the data workbench server


The following installation instructions assume that you have installed data workbench and established a connection between data workbench and the data workbench server on which you are installing data workbench Geography. If you have not done so, see the Data Workbench User Guide.

  1. Open the Profiles folder from the .zip file provided to you by Adobe.

  2. Copy the Geography folder to the Profiles folder in your data workbench server installation directory. You want to end up with a …\Profiles\Geography folder on your data workbench server as shown in the following example. The names of the other folders within the Profiles folder may differ from the ones shown.

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  3. Use the following steps to update the profile.cfg file for each profile with which you want to use data workbench Geography.

    1. Open the Profile Manager.

    2. Right-click the check mark next to profile.cfg and click Make Local. A check mark for this file appears in the User column.

    3. Right-click the newly created check mark and click Open > from the workbench. The profile.cfg window appears.

    4. In the profile.cfg window, right-click Directories and click Add new > Directory.

      To add the new directory to the end of the list of directories, right-click the number or name of the last directory in the list and click Add new > Directory.

    5. Type the name of the new directory: Geography.

    6. Right-click (modified) at the top of the window and click Save.

    7. In the Profile Manager, right-click the check mark for profile.cfg in the User column, then click Save to > < profile name>.


      Do not save the modified configuration file to any of the internal profiles provided by Adobe (including the Geography profile), as your changes are overwritten when you install updates to these profiles.

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