Data Workbench Geography Overview

Data workbench Geography is a geographical imagery and analysis software product that enables you to display topographical imagery in data workbench.

For information about installing data workbench Geography, see Installing Insight Geography.

Data workbench Geography consists of the Geography profile, which includes default imagery layers and their related lookup files as well as additional dimensions (City, Coordinates, Country, DMA, and Domain) for use in your analysis.

You also can add other layers and lookup files to expand your imagery capabilities. For more information about imagery layers, see Working with Imagery Layers.

If you have licensed data workbench Geography, you can subscribe to an optional data service that enables you to map IP addresses on the globe or create visualizations showing geographically related dimensions of data (such as area code, time zone, and MSA) that are based on IP address. For information about subscribing to these services, please contact Adobe.

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