Modifying Transformation.cfg


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Now that the x-experiment field is available, you must create an extended dimension to include the x-experiment field in your dataset, which allows you to view your results in Insight.

To do so, you must add a new dimension to the Transformation.cfg file.

If you plan to run multiple experiments, you also must add a new Split transformation to the Transformation.cfg file. This Split transformation separates the different experiment and group names so that the information is easier to interpret. To avoid reprocessing your data again if you were to need to add additional experiments at a later date, Adobe recommends that you add the Split transformation even if you are not currently planning to run multiple experiments.

The following procedure includes the creation of both the new Split transformation and the extended dimension. If you do not want to add the Split transformation, simply skip steps 5-7.

To modify Transformation.cfg

  1. In Insight, open the Profile Manager by right-clicking within a workspace and clicking Admin > Profile Manager, or by opening the Profile Management workspace on the Admin tab.

  2. In the Profile Manager, click Dataset to show its contents.

  3. Right-click the check mark next to Transformation.cfg and click Make Local. A check mark for this file appears in the User column.

  4. Right-click the newly created check mark and click Open > in Insight. The Transformation.cfg window appears.

  5. Click Transformation to show its contents.

  6. Right-click Transformations and click Add new > Split.

  7. Complete the new split on comma transformation as shown in the following example:

    Step Info


    You can enter any value in the Name field.

  8. Right-click Extended Dimensions and click Add new > ManyToMany.

  9. Complete the new dimension as shown in the following example:

    Step Info

    • You can enter any value in the Name field.
    • If you did not include the Split transformation, you must type “x-experiment” in the Input field.
  10. Right-click (modified) at the top of the window and click Save.

  11. In the Profile Manager, right-click the check mark for Transformation.cfg in the User column, then click Save to > profile name to save the locally made changes to the working profile.


    The dataset begins retransforming immediately.

    For more information about Transformation.cfg and extended dimensions, see the Dataset Configuration Guide.

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