Modifying Log Processing.cfg

Last update: 2022-10-04
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You must add the x-experiment field to the Log Processing.cfg file, which is used to create an extended dimension.

See Modifying Transformation.cfg.

To modify Log Processing.cfg

  1. In Insight, open the Profile Manager by right-clicking within a workspace and clicking Admin > Profile Manager, or by opening the Profile Management workspace on the Admin tab.

  2. In the Profile Manager, click Dataset to show its contents.

  3. Right-click the check mark next to Log Processing.cfg and click Make Local. A check mark for this file appears in the User column.

  4. Right-click the newly created check mark and click Open > in Insight. The Log Processing.cfg window appears.

  5. Click Fields to show its contents.

  6. Right-click the last field in the current list and click Add new > Field.

  7. Type x-experiment in the newly created field, as shown in the following example:

    Step Info

  8. Right-click (modified) at the top of the window and click Save.

  9. In the Profile Manager, right-click the check mark for Log Processing.cfg in the User column, then click Save to > < profile name> to save the locally made changes to the working profile.


    The dataset begins reprocessing immediately.

    For more information about Log Processing and Fields see the Dataset Configuration Guide.

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