Defining the Objective


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Define the primary function of the objective, and target audience.

When defining your objective, consider the purpose of the website or website process you are analyzing: What is its primary function? Who is its target audience?

Common website objectives include converting more visitors into customers or increasing the average amount of revenue gained for all visitors within an experiment over the duration of that experiment.

Common website process objectives include improving the steps or pages in a process that cause visitors to abandon the process, removing unnecessary and confusing options in the process that tend to stop visitors from reaching the end of the process, or consolidating or expanding the process to eliminate or add steps or pages.

Make sure to think carefully about what it is specifically that you want to understand about your website. Carefully planning your experiment makes the results much more meaningful to your business.

Objective: To increase the number of visitors to our website who request a demo of our product using the “Request a Demo” graphical link, as shown in the following image:

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