Modifying the ExpFile Parameter

Last update: 2022-10-04
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The ExpFile parameter points to the location of the experiment configuration file, which defines your experiment.

Setting this parameter enables you to run experiments. For steps to create the experiment configuration file, see Configuring and Deploying the Experiment.

Following is an example of the ExpFile parameter:

ExpFile /home/experiment.txt

This tab delimited text file ( .txt) can be located anywhere in the Sensor folder and can have any convenient name.

Make sure you record the location of the experiments directory and the name of the configuration file that you specify because you need to save your experiment configuration file (to be described later in this guide) using this name and in this directory.


If you do not set this parameter identically on each machine in your web cluster on which a Sensor is installed, controlled experimentation does not work.

This entry can be preconfigured and remain in the Sensor configuration file on an ongoing basis with no adverse effect. If the experiment configuration file name specified is not found by Sensor or it is blank (that is, it exists but has no content), Sensor does not conduct the experiment, logs an error event on the HTTP server, and continues to operate normally in all other respects.

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