Considerations for the Transformation Configuration File


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Important information to consider when editing the Transformation.cfg file.

  • Changing any of the parameters in this file requires retransformation of the data.

  • If you reprocess the data, you can check the Transformation Progress parameter in data workbench’s Processing Legend.

    For information about reprocessing your data or the Processing Legend, see Reprocessing and Retransformation.

  • CrossRows, ODBCLookup, Sessionize, and AppendURI transformations work only when defined in a Transformation Dataset Configuration file. For information about these transformations, see Data Transformations.


    Adobe recommends defining transformations for the transformation phase of dataset construction in one or more Transformation Dataset Include files. For information, see Transformation Dataset Include Files.

  • You can add any of the parameters described above to the Transformation.cfg file by opening and editing the file in Notepad. Any changes you make and save appear when you reopen the file in data workbench. When adding a new parameter, use the Space key (not the Tab key) to indent two (2) spaces to the right of the previous heading level.

    Any errors that occur during the transformation phase of the dataset construction process for a dataset profile are shown in the Profiles node of the Detailed Status interface in data workbench. For information about the Detailed Status interface, see the Data Workbench User Guide.

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