Creating New Dataset Include Files


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Steps to create a new dataset include file.

You should create a new dataset include file to perform any of the following dataset configuration tasks:

  • Specifying new fields of data to be passed from log processing to transformation.

  • Defining transformations that do either of the following:

    • Update existing log fields.

    • Produce new fields that are to be passed from log processing to transformation or that are used to define extended dimensions.

      For information about the available transformation types, see Data Transformations.


      If you are defining transformations in a new dataset include file, be sure to keep the order of the inputs and outputs in mind. For information about the ordering of transformations, see Conventions for Constructing Transformations.

  • Creating extended dimensions. For information about the available dimension types, see Extended Dimensions.

  1. While working in your dataset profile, open the Profile Manager and click Dataset to view the existing dataset include files.

    • To view the Log Processing Dataset Include files, click Log Processing.

    • To view the Transformation Dataset Include files, click Transformation.

  2. Create a new Log Processing or Transformation Dataset Include files by performing one of the following steps:

    • In the User column for the Log Processing directory, click Create > New Log Processing. A file named New Log Processing.cfg appears in the directory.

    • In the User column for the Transformation directory, click Create > New Transformation. A file named New Transformation.cfg appears in the directory.

  3. Rename the new file by right-clicking its check mark in the User column and typing the new name in the File parameter.

    Step Info

  4. Right-click the check mark for the renamed file and click Open > from the workbench. The configuration window appears.

  5. Edit the parameters in the configuration file as appropriate. See Log Processing Dataset Include Files or Transformation Dataset Include Files for descriptions of the available parameters.

  6. To save your changes, right-click (modified) at the top of the window and click Save.

  7. To make the locally made changes take effect, in the Profile Manager, right-click the check mark for the file in the User column, then click Save to > < profile name>, where profile name is the name of the dataset profile or the inherited profile to which the dataset include file belongs. Reprocessing or retransformation of the data begins after synchronization of the dataset profile.


    Do not save the modified configuration file to any of the internal profiles provided by Adobe, as your changes are overwritten when you install updates to these profiles.

To edit a dataset include file that you created, see Editing Existing Dataset Include Files.

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