Getting Started

Last update: 2022-10-04
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Read more about Data Workbench’s End-of-life announcement.

To begin using the Adobe data workbench dashboard, follow these steps.

  1. Install supported browser.

    The dashboard is a web-based application that operates using the latest web browser technology. It can be used on any operating system provided that the operating system is equipped with a compatible web browser. Because the dashboard takes advantage of features not supported in older versions of web browsers, more recent browsers are required for an optimal experience when using the application.

    While many variations of browsers may work, only the following web browsers are officially supported:

    Beyond a compatible web browser, no additional software needs to be downloaded in order to use the dashboard. 1. Request an account.

    Contact your administrator to create an account for you. You will be provided with a user name, temporary password, and instructions to access the dashboard. 1. Access the Adobe data workbench dashboard.

    The dashboard is a rich internet application that requires only a web browser and appropriate network connection to operate. You only need to ensure that you have a compatible browser available and the ability to connect to the dashboard server in order to access the dashboard.

    1. Log in to the dashboard.
    2. Open a compatible web browser.
    3. Browse to the URL where the Adobe Data workbench dashboard is hosted. If you are unsure of the URL where dashboard is hosted, please contact your administrator.
    4. Enter your username and password.
    5. Click Log in.

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