Editing or Updating a Dashboard

Existing dashboards can be edited at any time, either for temporary ad hoc purposes or to make permanent changes to be saved to the server.


Only regular users and administrators can edit dashboards. Only the original dashboard creator or an administrator can save changes to the original copy of a dashboard. Otherwise, the only way to edit and save an existing dashboard is to save it as a copy. For more information on saving dashboards, see Saving a Dashboard.

Any changes made to a dashboard will not be changed on the server unless they are saved. To make changes to a dashboard’s visualizations, please refer to the chapter on visualizations, which contains information on adding, configuring, and manipulating visualizations.


To simply update a dashboard’s title, description, location, or visibility settings, you must be the owner of that dashboard or an administrator.

  1. Open the dashboard.
  2. Once the dashboard has finished loading, select Save from the dashboard drop-down menu.
  3. When the Update Existing Dashboard window appears, adjust the dashboard title, description, location, and sharing options as needed.
  4. Click Update to save any updates to the server. See Saving a Dashboard.

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