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Last update: 2022-10-04
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Read more about Data Workbench’s End-of-life announcement.

Using the Help drop-down menu, you can access the dashboard product documentation

  • User’s Guide - Selecting the User’s Guide option from the Help drop-down menu directs you to a web link in which you can access this document at any time.
  • FAQ - The FAQ provides you with a list of frequently asked questions and answers specific to the dashboard. This section serves as a quick reference guide for common user issues.
  • About - The About portion contains system information, including the version number and legal agreement. It also contains your user-agent string, which is a useful piece of information to provide when seeking technical support.

Additional Support

For further support regarding technical or software performance issues, contact your system administrator. To facilitate the resolution process, be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Your Adobe data workbench dashboard user name
  • Web browser type and version
  • Operating system name and version
  • Dashboard version number
  • Detailed explanation of the issue you are experiencing
  • Screen shots of issue (if possible)

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